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About Nils & Anna Anderson/Burgess family
Please take the time to sign my guest book and if we share relatives I would be keen to find out 
more. My family comes from Norway on my grandmothers side and England on both Dad and mums side.

July 2009 saw my dad and I take a trip to Norway to see where our ancestors come from. We went 
with very limited info and alot of family mythes.We met a wonderful lady named Tove in the Oslo 
archives who started us on a journey that has been so wonderful. While in Norway she found all 
sorts of info and sent us off to the places where Nils and Anna lived and to the church where they 
married,the Gamle Aker.Harald and Valborg their children were baptized in Gamle Aker as well.There 
have been other people along the way helping and suppling and best of all translating info for 
me.It is wonderful that people half way around the world take the time to help. Thankyou to all 
who have made this project what it is.

Special thanks go to Paul and Philip Anderson(great grandsons of Nils and Anna) my 2nd cousins.
At the start of this journey I was put in contact with them. Paul and Philip have been a great 
wealth of knowledge and have supplied me with a large amount of info and the best gift ever is all 
the fantastic photos they send. In May 2010 they went back to Norway for a visit and took photos 
of all the places our ancesters lived and after returning home have passed them on to me.Thank you 
guys as it gives us all a look into the past.

To save confusion and to make future research easier I have used the spelling that appears on 
birth,christening etc records. Anna Anderson was christened Anne, but the family have always know 
her as Anna. All information has been verified by birth/death/marriage records etc. The Joseph 
Gothard Meyer family has used 3 different spellings over the years = Meyer = Meier = Myers. Whibley
has 3 spellings also = Wyble = Wibley = Whibley.

My great great grandparents Nils and Anne Anderson and their children,Axel(my great grandfather) 
Harald and Valborg emigrated to New Zealand from Norway in 1872.The family sailed on the Hovding 
departing Oslo,Norway on May 30th 1872 and arriving 109 days later into the port of Napier, New 
Zealand on the 15th September 1872.They were some of the first settlers into Dannevirke and later 
moved to Palmerston North, where they become well known. 

My grandmum Clara Victoria Alexandrina Anderson married Albert Edward Burgess,his family were 
originally from England,this is my dads side.  
On my mothers side are the Harris family from England and the Burnnands, spelt 2 ways Burnand and
and Burnnand.Thomas and Isaac(George)show as Burnard on 1841 census in Parkhurst Prison where they
were awaiting deportation to New Zealand. On the shipping list the name changes to Burnand on New
Zealand records.
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